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released 01 January 2012




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Track Name: Soretooth (I Loved My Rotten Tooth)
I miss your dull ache
I miss my rotten tooth
Track Name: Enabler
And god has found us
he crept our lungfuls
and all our vapours
I begin to stink of him
Let us and lung
burst over the surf
And wrap up in white in tongue
Recede as I swell with them

The stink of him in my lungfuls
Track Name: Putti
Brace! Putti
Brace Davey
(We were nothing)
Your hungry childer
are biting your fingers
How do we look from the towers?
Spit drenched and famished, we will chew at the mortar

We will let you come a cropper!
We will let your bloat be spiked on the pillar!

We will chew at the mortar,
the streets washed with the plasma and rubber!
We were nothing before the fire!
We were nothing!
Putti take the streets! These are your streets!
We will burn the city to feel it's warmth!
We were were nothing before the fire!
Bring me feathers,
Wing of Rook and Jay,
Tooth beak my jabber jaws clean,
and build me a Bastard Mound

Build me a bastard mound
Over my bones
A place to piss and shit upon
To stand upon my chest
Build me a home

Build up the Bastard Mound
Over my dust
A place for you to stab the earth
To dig up filthy things
Track Name: WAR PAINT
Cry havoc
Dog machine, my king
Smoke through his nose
smoke through his teeth
spins his wheels
wheels within wheels etc
grind, grind,
grind those ivory pegs,
sunk deep into his legs,
striped from arse to tooth,
in war paint

Cry havoc
There will never be too many holes,
fields of sun bleached bone,
prayers he dust have claimed,
trees the dead have born,
rain made paste
that scars his face
as war paint

War Paint

And here we sink
the ground licked it's parched lips
and swallowed us as dust
We and him we sink

in War Paint